Friday, June 24, 2011

the crash pad

Ahhhh...Just finished completing the guest room.  The house was basically move in ready around early March and I just now got around to finishing the spare room!  Time gets away from ya, I swear!  This is what we were dealin' with before a paint job was done, pink and purple walls! Rut row?

After we painted this room Tightrope (Olympic paint from Lowe's), it sat there collecting junk -- tools, school books, eventually winter coats once it FINALLY warmed up and the like.

We definitely lucked out with this room.  I still have a sleeper sofa that we into the house and into the spare room.  I ended up spending around $120 to spruce up the room.  The money was mainly spent on lighting (needed a lamp!), bedding for our guests, and a few little pieces to give the room some personality.

Quilt comforter and sham set from Target for 35! Down from 90! Heck yes!

Orchids, a little DIY artwork; the makeshift bedside table I found in my parents garage--used a little bit of spray paint to spruce it up, and this funky wooden lamp from Marshall's for 30!

Owls are a hoot...hehe.  Adorable painting from Pier 1 originally 30 dollars, but snagged it for 24 with a 20 percent off coupon.

both little cuties for the other bedside table from Marshall's and TJMaxx.  Birdcage: $10, glass outdoor lantern with the hanging mechanism removed: $15
 There ya have it!  We finally have a space for our friends to crash, a place to unwind and relax and eventually a mini office when someone isn't enjoying our Cadillac of sofa sleepers :)

Now accepting reservations,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

why s'mores?

So yesterday was more about the soon to be pending project because I was just so excited to share! Today, I'll share a little secret with you.

L and I have a secret language...seriously.   We use it in times of need (I'm pretty sure people close to us have figured out a majority of our "secret" language, but we use it anyway).  We have a code word for "I forgot this person's name and I need you to help me out by introducing yourself first please" which comes in handy big time!  Most importantly, I'll share what s'mores means, only because it's what generated the idea for this blog. 

S'mores means love. C'est l'amour, amore, amor!  I'm sure you can guess how we stumbled upon this one--L+M= LOVE chocolate, and anything that goes with it!  So naturally it became the word of choice for love...although L's dad was convinced it meant sex, we had to tell him sadly no, the word for that was pizza (just kidding!!)

So the idea behind the title of the blog is love: a way of life.  Love your interests, embracing a passion, sharing love with your friends and family, even that special somebody.  It is more or less, a sometimes silly, sometimes on a whim, and even sometimes a difficult journey, but it is always filled with love.
fam bam circa early 90s...check out those outfits!  
  Hopefully, I'll be able to share projects I've worked on, houses I've helped rehab (ok, let's be serious, I come in when it is time to paint, but shhh!), recipes we've tried in the kitchen, or even me some road trips! Not exactly sure what this blog will morph into, but I can't wait to find out.

lots of s'mores,

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bid, Accepted!

Don't you just want to curl up and snuggle with a blanket when it's rainy and grey outside?  Normally, I am all for that sort of a day...productivity just goes out the window.  Today, was just not that kind of drizzly day, productivity was in full swing.  Sidenote, I love the Google logo today - the guitar makes music when you run your mouse over the strings! So fun!

It was wheelin' and dealin' day for L (super special someone), and I just happened to be his trustworthy side-kick tagging along.  We ended up finding out that a bid L had submitted on a property was accepted--it also happened to be the property we were brewing up ideas for this morning!  This sent me into overdrive, how can this place be updated and flow beautifully throughout the house?  I immediately went to my magazine stash when I got home, bless that little (okay, large!) stash.  I was able to find a few solid ideas after rooting around a bit!
The master bedroom upstairs has a layout/ceiling similar to this and I really would like to lighten up the color as it is currently brick red and white.  This clipping is from 100 Decorating Ideas Big Style for Small Rooms.  This color scheme just gives off a light, airy and relaxing vibe. yes please!  I love that they suggested to paint the floor white to reflect more light (I've been dying to actually paint a floor!) Fingers crossed!

The current kitchen needs a little bit of lovin'.   It is very similar to this lay out but has open shelving on top, cabinets on the bottom and the paint color is blue.  We are talking blue walls and countertops...which are actually brand new, so it would be amazing if we could save the countertops, but blue?  I just feel iffy about that...any ideas?  I  really love the glass cabinet doors!  The space definitely needs more storage, maybe cabinets with glass doors is this answer...we shall see.

Two rooms semi solved, for now, but tomorrow is always a new day...and a new mood.  Maybe I'll change my mind and decide I actually do like the brick red color upstairs...just maybe!

in the words of my pops,
cheerio, wheaties and liver snaps!
til the next time,