Sunday, January 8, 2012

Perhaps some tuna fish and milk?

Ok, I've been called out....more updating, less empty space between posts...thanks Andrew!  Family update news: we got a cat!  When Logan was living in Florida many moons ago, she wandered up to his door and just let her sweet little self in and decided to stay with the guy.  She's a traveling cat as she's lived in Washington DC; Jackonsville, FL and now in the mitten!  She's a cultural creature of sorts and we love her!  Her name you ask? Ace.  Here she is!

Anyway, on to project news.  A little bit of teamwork led to a homemade sofa table.  It's a very simple process if you're looking to do a little DIY.  The materials and tools you'll need for this:
  • Wood (take in your measurements and Lowe's will cut the wood for you at the store!)
  • L-brackets
  • Screws
  • Spray paint or stain in your color of choice  + polyurethane gloss (if you'd like a glossy finish)
  • Sand paper
  • Power drill

I didn't take step by step photos (one of these days I will), but this is what the table will look like pre-finish:

Logan ended up putting this part together (he surprised me, so sweet!) but take your cut wood, L-brackets, screws and power drill for this part!

1. Place two of the shorter boards at the ends of the longest piece of wood and pre-drill three holes into each end.  Take long screws and drill those into the pre-drilled holes. 

2. If you need a third piece of wood for support, repeat the step above.

3. Flip the table over and place the L-brackets where you would like them (we did two per support).  Using a pencil, mark the holes to pre-drill.  Pre-drill the holes and using smaller screws, drill the screws into the L-brackets.

4. Sand the surface (power sander works so much faster than by hand, but work with what you've got!)

5. Finish the table with whichever form of paint or stain you'd like.  I used gloss spray paint at first and while that worked for the backside and underside of the table, it wasn't my favorite for the top.  So, sanding round two occurred and I used Minwax Ebony stain on all visible portions of the table +  polyurethane gloss when the stain was dry. 

You do not need a lot of stain or gloss finish - I bought the itty bitty containers and I have plenty left over!

The finished product is currently in use and here's some photos to see what she looks like:

Perfect for reading lamps, home decor and a convenient spot to charge my phone ;)
Check out the room before picture below the finished product photos.
This was the living room, before...
Love the bay window!

Paneling was demolished and carpeting stripped - new drywall and ceiling. - October 2010.

First night in the house...TV was on the wall where pictures now hang and the zebra chair sits. - March 2011
Well, that's all we have for now, but I will have a few posts coming up with a little DIY art (for those of you who are feeling crafty!)  Thanks for stopping by and checking out the most recent project! Check back soon, I promise I'll work on my continuous blogging skills :)


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  1. LOVE the title of this entry, love the sofa table, and of course, love that Ace has migrated to Michigan to live with her new parents!